I took this picture when I went to Hawaii back in October. This is where David and I learned how to swim. My mom just let us play in the water, and just kept an eye on us as the waves helped us float, and we learned to just move with it. Which explains why I am not that great of a swimmer when it comes to being in pools. I actually don’t like swimming pools, I prefer the beach; and never will I ever choose to swim in a lake, lol.
Ko Olina is such a beautiful beach. There were a lot more tourists and stuff there when I went back in October, a lot more cars and it’s probably because of that Disney thing that’s up there. Not the same beach I remember when I was little, but never the less, sitting there in that same spot that we always laid our picnic blanket brought back memories.
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  • Posted: 2 years ago on Sunday 22 January 12
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